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Kaze's Story [Dec. 9th, 2003|07:44 pm]
Silhouette Quartet


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Amaya Murasaki's mother was killed in a shoot-out when Amaya was seven. Slightly gifted, she felt the change in the Matrix when an Agent took over her mother's body. The woman was a diplomatic aide at Tokyo's American embassy, while her husband worked for an international security corporation. After her death, the man and his child moved to the city of New York. A year later, he married another American woman who gave birth to a daughter called Mikage. Having inherited her father's programming skills, Amaya worked for his company's Boston branch as an intern while entering M.I.T. at a young age. Being attuned to the Matrix, she finally found the truth she'd been searching for. She was recruited by Roland, the captain of the Hammer. Unplugged at the age of 16, she dropped out of sight. In the real world, she worked first as the Hammer's logistics officer, then as its second-in-command. She got her own ship five years later, a small craft called the Hammurabi. Skade was initially assigned to her as pilot, while they ran courier and surveillance missions. Within the next two years, an operator named Pandora joined them. She was followed by newbie Shiva, formerly known as Mikage. The half-sister had searched for her, and in the process, been recruited by Roland also. She was trained to be a field operative. After working together for a year on reconnaissance missions, Neo won against Smith. Fortunately, the Hammurabi and its crew had survived the machines' attack on Zion.

It has now been a year since peace was made. The Hammurabi has been given the task of finding potentials to be unplugged by other ships. As a result, the crew has established relationships with people still in the Matrix.